Last year, the internet went crazy over Instagram photos of hot guys with dogs. We totally understand why everyone was gushing over the photos – we were too. Which is why, this year, we decided to create our own version of hot guys with dogs – hot Korean male celebrities with dogs. Now, get ready to feast your eyes.

SHINee’s Key
His dogs are named Comme Des and Garcons. (Get it?)

A photo posted by KEY (@bumkeyk) on

VIXX’s Ravi
This ain’t Ravi’s dog but he looks so adorbs holding the pup like that!

A photo posted by RAVI (@rravii0215) on

EXO’s Kai
Kai refers to his three poodles, Monggu, Jjanggu and Jjangah, as his kids. Aww…


Super Junior’s Siwon
Siwon takes the most adorable selfies with his dog, Bugsy!

A photo posted by SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on

Daniel Henney
Daniel’s dog, Mango, is as cool as her dad.

A photo posted by Daniel Henney (@danielhenney79) on

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CNBLUE’s Jungshin
Isn’t this photo the cutest?

A photo posted by 이정신 (@leejungshin91) on

Lee Jongsuk
He reportedly adopted two puppies last year. We’re guessing this is one of them?

A photo posted by 이종석 (@jongsuk0206) on

Infinite’s Sungjong
Sungjong’s super-cute reunion with Dubu, the puppy that he took care of in Birth of a Family. Dubu’s all grown up now!

Lee Hyunwoo
You can tell he loves dogs from his many selfies with dogs on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by Leeboy** (@hihyunwoo) on

Kim Soohyun
Kim Soohyun with a dog? Ugh, can he be any more perfect?


2PM’s Taecyeon
Taecyeon adopted Eddie after filming for Three Meals a Day wrapped up. Eddie’s mother, Minky, was the mascot for the show.

Image: TPG/Click Photos