Reese Witherspoon is not only an actress, but a mother. And one of her children is currently a toddler, so we understand that sometimes, feeding time can be a frustrating experience – especially when the table ends up eating most of the food.

But it seems she has found an awesome way to encourage her toddler to eat. By making faces out of food. It seems she started this in October last year. Here are 11 times she proved she wins at making food art.

The photo is probably not rotated, but we reckon that’s a tongue sticking out. Or the bananas could be hands doing the Samba.

Because cats are cute in any form.

This quiche looks a little sad, no? The cucumber is supposed to be the mouth, but that clump of veggie at the tip looks like a frown.

It’s OK if the bacon strips are not curved to form a smiley face. ‘Cause everyone smiles when they see bacon strips.

Cinammon rolls for breakfast! Need. Want. Ugh.

A fruit platter with a lonely donut doesn’t look all that bad.

Not just egg in a hole, but egg in a man.

This looks fab but let’s be real, it won’t make us full.

Honestly, this doesn’t look as appetising as the rest, but cute nonetheless.

Teenage banana ninja turtle!

This was her first work of art! Well, at least the first one she posted on Instagram.

Images: Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos