Warning: Image-heavy.

1. Kai
Every part of him screams “sex god”. Are you still asking why we wanna date him? We heard he’s inexperienced in the love department (at least that’s what D.O said two years ago), so we reckon we could give him a helping hand. *wriggles eyebrows*

2. Kim Soohyun
He might not be Do Minjoon irl but we still wanna date him. ‘Cos #alienoppa is forever relevant.

3. Joo Won
As seen on 2 Days 1 Night, this actor might be a little out-of-it sometimes but that only makes our maternal instincts kick in.

4. Infinite’s L
This Infinite member can melt hearts with his “eye smile”. Though he might appear cool on stage, he’s actually quite a kid off-stage, and that dual-personality is totes appealing.

5. Jackson
Come on, who doesn’t wanna date him after seeing his interaction with KARA’s Youngji on Roommate? We may ship them, but we totes want him for ourselves too.

6. Lee Donghae
He once readily agreed to lend 4Minute member Jihyun $5,000 when the latter prank-called him on a show. Besides being generously, he’s also honest (as attested by the Super Junior members), so we reckon he’d make quite the faithful lover.

7. Siwan
He has this quiet charm that draws us in. And those lips. Ooh, those lips. Can you say kissable?

8. Lee Minho
He might have been a bad boy in Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs but if he can capture Suzy’s heart, he must be something. His sweet personality is also evident when he recently updated his Facebook page to inform fans waiting at Gimpo Airport that he landed at Incheon, and bade them to go home safely. #perfectnamja

9. Kim Woobin
Most Korean male celebs may be known for being “pretty”, but Woobin is defo manly. Look at those thick brows and that jawline that can cut paper. We like.

10. T.O.P
He’s so awkward it’s adorbs. Give us a date with Binggu T.O.P anytime.

11. Daniel Henney
Editor Alicia’s choice
If there’s one word that could describe this Korean-Irish actor-model (phew, that was a mouthful), it’d be mesmerising. ‘Fess up, who would say he’s not good-looking? (HDU.)

12. Taeyang
Senior Features Writer Kit’s choice
Have you seen his bod? HAVE YOU SEEN HIS BOD? That aside, he wrote the awfully romantic hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” based on his personal experience, so we reckon he’s quite the sweetheart when it comes to love. Sweet.

13. Choi Siwon
Features Writer Clara’s choice
Can you smell the money? We’re kidding. Siwon his known for his gentlemanly ways, so he’ll defo make a good partner—if we can get used to his jet-setting schedule, that is.

14. Lee Dong Wook
Special Projects Writer Natalie’s choice
He’s got the looks, the charisma and the wit. The whole package, basically. How is he not date-material?

15. D.O
Digital Writer Hidayah’s choice
The EXO vocalist is not only known for his good looks, but has also been lauded by fellow celebs for being polite, considerate and hardworking. Even our parents would approve.

Images: TPG/Click Photos