EXO released the teaser video for their new music video, “Sing For You”, last night and here’s what we learnt about the song: it’s about Christmas.

Yes, go Sherlock. We’re not being cheeky, but the video literally tells us nothing about the song – other than the repetitive chords and scenes of Kai dancing, unrevealed members playing basketball and three members in a car.

The teaser images and album covers didn’t help much either. Three teaser images were released, two of the boys looking suave in winter wear, and one of an astronaut and a whale. (Nope, we’re not kidding.)



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However, the album covers hinted that the astronaut might be the main concept of the release because all nine members donned the spacesuit on the album art. But we certainly hope they’re not going to perform in spacesuits – or have silver outfits.

We’re starting to think that the Tumblr post about the “Christmas in space” concept being conceived because “Lightsaber” was included in the tracklist rings quite true.

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Their new album will drop tonight (11pm Singapore time) and here are the things we expect would come out of this:

  1. “Sing For You” will be a sad ballad
    Somehow, EXO has a history of releasing sad Christmas songs. “Miracles in December” speaks of lost love, while “December, 2014” is a bittersweet song about finding lost love. Moreover, Baekhyun mentioned during the V app broadcast that it’s a song that “will be good to listen to when you’re in bed,” so we’re not expecting an upbeat one.

  1. Only the vocalists might perform for “Sing For You” performance
    Another thing we’ve learnt about EXO over the years is this: the vocalists (Baekhyun, Chen, D.O. and Suho) are usually the ones who perform the ballads. Yes, that means the dancers and rappers usually don’t appear for the performances. Case in point: “Miracles in December”, “December 2014” and “My Answer”.

  1. They’ll probably perform “Lightsaber” as the comeback track
    K-pop fans would probably know that the more popular artists typically perform two songs on music shows for their comeback, so we’re expecting “Lightsaber” to be the other song. For one, they haven’t been actively promoting the song despite it being a huge collaboration with Star Wars, and two, they’ve already performed it at the recent Mnet Asian Music Awards, which means they don’t have to come up with the choreography from scratch.

  1. Lay might not make an appearance
    Unless they’re performing the Mandarin version of “Sing For You”, which is unlikely, Chinese member Lay will probably be absent from their comeback performances on music shows due to conflicting schedules, but he’ll probably be at the comeback stage that will be shown via V app. Can we have Lay back to play the piano like he did for “Miracles in December” please?

Will our predictions come true? We’ll see when they drop their album tonight and have their comeback performances this week.

Images: EXO-K’s Facebook page, TPG/Click Photos