It seems K-pop fans can hardly catch a breather. News of miss A’s disbandment came just last month and earlier today, it was announced that another girl group might be going down the same path. Korean news outlets reported that 4Minute will be disbanding after seven years.

Although HyunA has renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment as a solo artist, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Sohyun and Jiyeon are still in talks with the agency on whether they would be signing on or leaving the company. The members’ contracts will expire mid-June and if they decide not to sign on to the agency, it would spell the end of 4Minute.

An official from Cube Entertainment told Yonhap News that because the members are on different career paths such as acting and singing, they’re worried that it would difficult to keep the team together. The official added that while HyunA has signed on with the agency, some members are in talks for contract renewal, but there might also be members who are leaving the agency.

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The girl group debuted as a quintet in 2009 with “Hot Issue” and were compared to 2NE1 because the two groups had similar concepts. They had since branched out into individual activities: Jiyoon and Gayoon had a subunit called 2Yoon; Jiyeon, Sohyun and Gayoon have made their debut as actresses, while HyunA has seen success both as a solo artist and one-half of duo Trouble Maker, with Hyunseung.

The agency reported has plans for HyunA to release a solo album in summer. However, it’s not clear if she would continue promotions as a part of Trouble Maker, now that Hyunseung has also left Beast.

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Image: TPG/Click Photos