On Friday, as the citizens of Singapore queued up at Plaza Singapura for their free Milo peng, there was no doubt that Nathan was a national treasure.

But as we streamed the Sing! China finale live from Beijing, we began to wonder if perhaps it was something more that just a patriotic pride.

Nathan, who came in second place, had competed against five other contestants in the final held at the National Stadium which was won by China’s Jiang Dunhao.

He picked two Jay Chou classics – singing the Nunchucks rap hit with his mentor and the Longest Movie ballad by himself, and looking mighty handsome (and remarkably non-sweaty) in his trench coat, if we do say so ourselves.

After the two rounds, spectators at the stadium voted and the top two scorers – Nathan with 35,577 votes and Jiang Dunhao, who had the highest score of 39,962 votes – got to vie for the crown through another solo performance.

Nathan then sang a medley of Moonlight in the City and Woman Flower – songs by Singaporean singer Mavis Hee and Hong Kong legend Anita Mui respectively.

But in the end, it was the Xinjiang-native who triumphed. Nathan received 45,613 of votes while Jiang garnered 59,852 votes from spectators.

Nathan will always have Singapore’s heart though – and, judging by the fact that “Nathan Hartono girlfriend” is one of the top Google searches, the hearts of girls everywhere.

Relive the magic and handsomeness from the final, with our top six moments that made us go “awwww”:

Text: Natalya Molok / Singapore Women’s Weekly, additional reporting by Claire Starkey
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