TGIF! If you’re looking to add a dose of adorableness to your Insta feed, well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some other amazing insta-pets to follow besides lil bub and menswear dog. 

  1. @cooperthegrumpycorgi

    A photo posted by Cooper (@cooperthegrumpycorgi) on

    Cooper is a grumpy, expressive little corgi residing in Singapore. He often goes on playdates as well, so expect to see other corgis and dogs making appearances on his feed! 

  2. @msy1515

    A photo posted by Masaya Yoshimura (@msy1515) on

    Two words: Japanese. Cats. 

  3. @richard_kitty

    A photo posted by Richard Kitty (@richard_kitty) on

    A rescue kitty in LA, with amazing mismatched coloured eyes

  4. @spangles09

    Cross-eyed kitty who looks perpetually confused. You’ll find yourself subconsciously smiling at all his photos! 

  5. @uminoriharu

    How do we explain this… oh yes – white doge. Much adorbs, such cute, many white, wow. 

  6. @alyeska 

    A photo posted by Alyeska Huskies (@alyeska) on

    This family has NINE Siberian huskies and a border collie. Living the dream right there. 

  7. @mumitan

    A photo posted by mumitan (@mumitan) on

    If a bunny in small little costumes doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart and melt you into a pool of mush, then YOU’RE A MONSTER. 


Image: Instagram

Text: Sophie Hong