If you don’t know BTS, though you probably do since they’ve been nominated for numerous awards, it’s time to sit up and pay attention to the septet.

Having debuted in 2013 with three full albums, two compilation albums, six video albums, four EPs and a single, they are back with their second full-length Korean album, Wings, today. And we predict that they’re about to bring both the house and your banks savings down. Don’t believe us? Here are the signs.

The most retweeted artist according to Forbes
Beating the likes of Kanye West and Justin Bieber, BTS took the crown for most retweeted artist in the past 30 days with 5,393,500 retweets for Forbes’ article celebrating Twitter’s 10th anniversary back in March. They were also the third most mentioned artist during that period, just behind social media big weights Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. Talk about international influence.

Bromance ahoy
Namjin, Vmin, Kookiemonster, Taegi, 2seok… and it continues. But our point is, who doesn’t love a good ship? And BTS has plenty of ‘em.


They slayed the Billboard 200 not once but twice
Because being the first K-pop group not under SM or YG Entertainment to land on the Billboard 200 once just isn’t enough. BTS found their albums, “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 2” and “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever” amongst the top 200 albums on Billboard with three songs, “Fire”, “Save Me” and “Epilogue: Young Forever” owning the Top 3 spots in the World Digital Song Chart. Let’s see, what’s next on their world domination list?

Their love for A.R.M.Ys
A well-known fact, BTS love, love, loves their fans. Putting aside their notoriously heart-stealing fanservice, they once treated their fans to iced coffee for waiting and supporting them in the hot summer heat.

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Dance level: Bangtan
With the onslaught of up and coming boybands armed with knife-like moves, BTS continues to hold their stand amongst them. From their “No More Dream” to “Fire”, the boys never cease to amaze us with their high-energy choreography and precise execution.


Their uh, uniqueness and never-ending antics
Say BTS and the first thing that comes to mind is their ability to be weird and proud, especially in the case of V.From lighthearted teasing to downright trolling, every member of BTS has played the part of the perpetuator and the victim. Just take a look through their Bangtan Bomb series on YouTube and their occassionally inconceivable tweets.

Their music, nuff said
Firstly, it’s lit, no explanation needed. Secondly, they produce their own music. Rap Monster, SUGA and J-Hope actively partcipates in the writing and compsoing of the band’s tunes. Thirdly, it’s meaningful, and by meaningful we mean more than love-hate relationships meaningful. “School of Tears” talks about school bullying while “No More Dream” tackles society issues. If that’s not what a good role model is, what is?

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Chow Rong Qian