If you’ve been to a CNBLUE concert, you probably wouldn’t expect the typical idol group fan service – after all, the quartet is more than that. Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk brought their Come Together tour to the Singapore Indoor Stadium last weekend, and boy did they not disappoint.

There might have been no aegyo display or outfit changes (save for the switch to their tour tees during the encore), but the band did what they did best: they showcased their raw musical talents that some idols could only dream of having.

In fact, it wasn’t just their musicality that blew us away. Here are seven things we learnt from the concert.

  1. They take their confetti business seriously
    Forget white confetti. CNBLUE upped their game with silver and gold confetti to create a dazzling, stardust-like effect. In fact, the visual spectacle continued long after the metallic pieces have settled on stage: whenever Yonghwa ran across the stage, the little squares fluttered to create a trail of glitter-esque effect. Simply gorgeous.

  2. They don’t dole out fan service the typical way
    Idol groups might get fans riled up with homoeroticism and “I love you” signs, but CNBLUE chose a simpler and, might we say, more local way of connecting with Singaporean fans – by speaking like a local. The band showed off their Singlish and Hokkien abilities, from teases of “Sure bo?” to wishing fans “Gong xi fa cai”, and cleverly following up with “Hong bao na lai”. Sure, you can have an angpow – with our hearts in it.

  3. Yonghwa still excels at ad-libs
    During their second show in Singapore, Yonghwa composed an impromptu song about chilli crabs. And it seems he’s turning it into a tradition because this time round, he did something similar – on two songs, “Can’t Stop” and “Love Light”. During the latter, he sang, “Oh, Singapore, I love you. Thank you for the encore…. Oh, Singapore, you’re like love light.” It was obvious that it was an impromptu effort, but heck, if that’s what he could come up with in under one minute, it’s no wonder his song compositions have topped the charts!

  4. They love chilli and pepper crabs
    We bet you already knew that, but the boys couldn’t stop gushing over the crab dishes during the concert. Minhyuk revealed that eating chilli crab in Singapore was a memory that he held close, while Yonghwa expressed his love for the dishes to the tune of “LOVE”.

  5. They are good with instruments. Like, really, really good
    Any BOICE (CNBLUE fans) worth his or her salt would know that the boys can play musical instruments well, but the concert definitely shone a spotlight on their deftness. Yonghwa effortlessly switched among an electric guitar, acoustic guitar and keyboard during the concert, while Jonghyun also showcased his abilities to strum both the electric and acoustic strings.

  6. Their concert is like a J-rock concert
    If you’ve been to a Japanese rock concert, you’d probably find more similarities between that and CNBLUE’s concert than a K-pop show. It’s not that the band lacked pyrotechnics – they had the laser lights, fireworks and bursts of fire things going on – but the energy the band exuded bears resemblance to Japanese rockers. Think head-banging, singing while lying on the ground and random dancing. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the band did perform as an indie band in Japan prior to their Korean debut.

  7. Their fans are pretty creative
    When the band last held their concert in Singapore, the Indoor Stadium was awashed in colourful lights during the encore. This time round, fans didn’t disappoint by lighting up the arena with red and white glowing balloons. The sight was simply breathtaking! In fact, the band was also left impressed, exclaiming “It’s beautiful” the moment they saw the visual spectacle. We wonder how the fans will outdo themselves during their next tour.

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Images: ONE Production/Marcus Lin, CLEO