For K-pop bands, the role of the maknae (a Korean term used to refer to the youngest person in a group or family) is usually to look cute and be cute. But that’s not always the case, because sometimes, the youngest member break out of their cute role to take on another image. Of course, there are also those who stick to the role, like Big Bang’s 24-year-old maknae, Seungri. Here are seven times when he proved that despite being almost a quarter century old, he is more adorable than other K-pop maknaes.


  1. When he sat on EXO’s Sehun’s lap while performing Bae Bae at the 2015 MAMA

    This scene (start from 6:20) at the Mnet Asian Music Awards show last night caused VIPs (Big Bang’s fans) and EXO-Ls (EXO’s fans) all over the world to collectively explode. We can’t handle the amount of maknae love going around (Sehun is also the youngest member in the boy band). Let’s hope this settles all the fanwars going on, eh? Seems like all’s cool between the boys. 
  2. When he blesses his fans like this 

    And the Seunglord was born. 
  3. When he acknowledged the #nyongtori hashtag

    Background info: Seungri and G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, are known to be very affectionate with each other since the band’s debut. Fangirls who got all hot and bothered by their frequent PDAs hence nicknamed them “nyongtory” or “nyongtori”, and it soon became a hashtag on social media to document all of their moments. It’s not an uncommon thing in K-pop fandom, but it seems like Seungri is the only idol so far who acknowledged the OTP status outright. Cue fans going “OMG HE KNOWS.”   

  4. When he sabo-ed his fellow band members 

    G-Dragon once revealed on a talk show that the band members tried to run away from their management company for a while to catch a break. They had the whole getaway planned out, but just as they were about to leave, they received a call from their CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. Turns out, Seungri ratted on them because the big boss promised to remove a strike (apparently YG has a “three strikes and you’re out rule”) if he acted as an informant – he already had two strikes at that time. Seungri tried to defend himself by saying, “As the youngest member, I needed to stop them from making a mistake. If someone saw them escaping, it could hurt our group’s image.” 
  5. When we’re his everything 
    He repeated this again during Big Bang’s acceptance speech for Worldwide Favourite Artist at the 2015 MAMA last night. Check out the other Big Bang members bursting into laughter behind him and the crowd saying it along with him LOL. 
  6. When he knew damn well that he’s the best 
    An online poll titled “The best idol maknae who receives love from his hyungs” saw Seungri getting a whopping 40.5 per cent of out of the total votes from 60,000 netizens. This little nugget of info didn’t escape the adorable maknae, who promptly uploaded a screenshot of the results with the hashtag, “seungri is the best”. The self-love is strong with this one, and frankly, we should all aspire to be as confident as he is. 
  7. When he took good care of Big Bang
    First he stopped T.O.P from standing too close to the fireworks, then he dashed off to pull Daesung back when he realised that he was about to get hurt. The stage effects went off two seconds later. Thank goodness! 

    “During Fantastic Baby, Seungri was watching TOP and pulled him away from Fireworks, he then saw Daesung and ran…

    Posted by Labs Balbin on Saturday, July 25, 2015


Image: YouTube 

Text: Sophie Hong