It’s hard to be Taylor Swift. First, you gotta have her talents. And looks. And wealth. But you can fake it for a day on Halloween. If you’re one of those who don’t believe you gotta dress like a zombie or ghost on October 31 and prefer something more “normal”, becoming TayTay is a pretty good idea. And it’s not that hard to fake it.

  1. Wear a dress

  2. Put on red lipstick

  3. Make sure your hair is blonde, shoulder-length with a perfect blowout. Or you could wear a wig.

  4. Bring your girl squad to the party.

  5. Have a cat with you (you can bring a stuffed cat because you shouldn’t subject cats to the stress of being surrounded by drunk partygoers).

  6. If you can’t find a cat, wear a cat robe.

  7. Just be a pegacorn.

Images: Taylor Swift’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos