YG Entertainment’s newest boyband iKON has only been the Kpop scene for four short months, but that’s enough for us to know that we’re going to be fangirling so hard over them in time to come. If you aren’t familiar with this rookie group, here are nine reasons why they might just win you over. 

  1. Their dancing is always in-sync 

    And let’s be honest, dancing uniformly has never been the strong suit of YG artistes. Looking at you, Big Bang’s T.O.P and 2NE1’s Park Bom. 

  2. Their music is crazy addictive

    Exhibit A.


  3. Their music videos are a visual feast 
    Also, how awesome is it that they parodied the legendary “Night At The Roxbury” SNL sketch with Jim Carrey for their “Dumb & Dumber” MV? They even got the wardrobe right! See the original below: 
  4. They’re the cutest hoobaes (juniors) 

    It can be intimidating to be in a company where K-pop heavyweight Big Bang is your direct senior, but we think the boys of iKON are doing a good job as hoobaes so far. More like hooBAES, amirite?!

  5. They’re hilarious on variety shows 




  6. Bobby & B.I, aka double B, are absolute baes 

    Major GD&TOP vibes when these two rappers collaborate. 

  7. Well, because they look like this 

    The boys looking hot af while shooting for Harper’s Bazaar Korea. 

  8. They also make a good team

    Great teamwork there guys. 

  9. Because B.I is too precious when he’s around his younger sister <>



Image: TPG Images
Text: Sophie Hong