The thirst is real when it comes to Taeyang. From his soulful vocals to his impressive dance moves to his sweet, sensitive soul, it’s no wonder that this Big Bang member tops the “ideal boyfriend” list for many people – fellow celebs included (we’re looking at you, IU and Ailee). Oh, and he turns 28 today!

Yes we know, he’s happily attached to Min Hyo Rin. But hey, no harm in indulging in a little fantasy every now and then, right? Here’s nine times we wished Dong Youngbae was our real life bae. 

  1. When he confessed that he’s shy around girls as a fresh-faced 19-year-old

    “Girls are scary.” – Taeyang
  2. When he acted like a tortured soul in love for “Only Look At Me” and executed these hella smooth dance moves

  3. When you saw his young heart get broken in the MV for “Wedding Dress” 

    And then you’re like, THAT GIRL BE CRAY. COME HERE AND LET ME LOVE YOU. 
  4. When he’s saying how much he needed a girl

  5. Um. Yeah.


  6. And also because he’s super talented

    “Heh. Yeah, that’s my boyfriend!” – Min Hyo Rin, probably.
  7. When he had a playdate with Haru and was super sweet and your ovaries just exploded


  8. When he goofs around like this and you’re like, yea, I need to date a guy with a good sense of humour


  9. When he was sooooo sweet to IU when he knew that she had a crush on him

    IU: Since White Day (reverse Valentine’s in Korea) is coming up, who would Taeyang like to give chocolates to?

    GD: Kiss her. Kiss her.

    Other Big Bang members: Kiss her. Kiss her.

    Taeyang: *rushes in for a hug*


Happy Taeyang day! You’ll forever be our Bae. 

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Image: TPG Images

Text: Sophie Hong