What lengths will you go to marry someone of high status? Would you attend events? Try to spark conversation? Or would you go the whole nine yards and attend a training camp, specifically made for women who want to marry superstars?

Well, that’s what Moka Fang, the wife of singer Aaron Kwok, allegedly did. After rumours and allegations came out, Fang has dismissed talk that she is part of a “training camp” for women who want to marry superstars, along with Will Pan’s wife.

The online allegations arose after Taiwanese-American singer Pan, 40, announced in July that he had married Chinese air stewardess Luna Xuan, 26.

Some claimed that Xuan and Fang were part of a group of trainees carefully coached by a specialised agency to get near to celebrities, with the eventual aim of marrying them.

Fang, who turned 33 on Wednesday (Aug 5), was asked by a netizen on Weibo if the rumours were true.

The Chinese model did not respond directly but posted an art illustration of an elderly man looking at the rain, with the Chinese characters for “rumours” among the raindrops.

It was accompanied by the caption: “Keep calm and don’t follow blindly. The rumours will collapse by themselves.”

Kwok, 54, publicly acknowledged Fang as his girlfriend in late 2015, and they married in 2017. They have two daughters – Chantelle, who turns three in September, and Charlotte, one.

As for Pan, his agency said last week that he will pursue legal action against anyone who continues to spread libellous comments about him and his wife.

Text: Lim Ruey Yan / The Straits Times / August 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Featured image: TPG Images