Up-and-coming K-Pop boygroup AB6IX’s Lim Young Min has officially left the group after he was caught for drink-driving.

According to an official statement posted by the group’s agency Brand New Music on June 8, it stated that after much discussion with Young Min, they have decided to respect his wishes to leave the group as he did not wish to cause any more harm to the group. AB6IX will continue with their promotions as a four-member group.

Earlier on June 4, Brand New Music apologised to fans for Young Min’s DUI (driving under the influence) on May 31. According to the agency, he had met up privately with his personal acquaintances and was driving back to his accommodation when he was caught by the police for drink-driving and had his driver’s license revoked. As a result, Young Min halted his promotions with AB6IX, and the group delayed their June 8 comeback.

Later that day, Young Min also posted a handwritten apology letter to AB6IX’s official fan club. He apologised to his fans, family, group members, and agency staff who have been suffering because of his actions. He was also sorry to his members and staff members who had been working hard on their comeback, and their efforts were undermined because of him. Lastly, he stated that he would accept all criticism and reflect deeply over his actions.

Although Young Min will no longer be a part of the group, Brand New Music reassured fans in the statement that the remaining members are working hard on the preparations for their new album. “We ask for unchanging love and interest for the four members of AB6IX who are working hard on preparing for their comeback even through the difficult situation.” AB6IX is slated to comeback on June 29.

Image: TPG / Click Photos