Singaporean actor Andie Chen have been filming action scenes in Siem Reap for three months with nary a scratch on him, but a trip to Food Junction got him hurt bad.

The actor and his wife Kate Pang took to Instagram to share about a scalding incident which happened on Monday (Mar 4) night.

“A simple dinner with my wife, a wet tray and a bowl of really hot soup later…” the 33-year-old actor captioned along with pictures of his scalded torso and said wet tray.

“Dear food courts (@foodjunctionsg), please wipe your trays before using them, and guys, watch out for wet trays,” he cautioned.

The actor, who just flew back to Singapore on Feb 28 after filming scenes for a new action drama The Good Fight, told AsiaOne that the unfortunate accident happened at a food court at NEX.


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“The food court was crowded when I was holding the bowl of hot soup on the wet tray, but I didn’t give much thought to it as it is very common,” said the star, adding that it was fortunate that his kids were not with them.

“I have no time to see a doctor, so I’m just applying lavender oil to the wounds—my wife is an expert on essential oils,” Andie added.

While Andie is seemingly calm about his injuries, Kate was quite the opposite—especially when it happened.

“Kate was at first worried, then she got upset about the unhelpful staff (at the fruit and drinks stall),” recalled Andie.

Kate recounted her experience on Instagram today (Mar 5): “I ran to the fruit and drink stall (upon seeing Andie’s blisters) to buy a cup of ice, but the auntie said they don’t sell ice despite me repeating that my husband has been scalded by hot soup!”

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提醒大家⚠️使用餐盘端汤时,尽量不要拿到湿的餐盘哦! – 安迪昨天端汤的时候,因为餐盘上有水,让汤碗突然滑动,结果汤洒了一些在身上,立马就破皮了…😭😭😭 – 跑去水果店跟aunty买一杯冰,aunty说“冰没有在卖”我说我老公被汤烫伤破皮了,可以卖我一些吗?aunty还是坚持这个没有在卖… 后来旁边另一位aunty说“你就拿一些给她啦!”….我拿到大概5片冰块…我跟她说可以多给我一些吗?我再给你钱,aunty不太情愿又给了我一点,然后又说“这个没有在卖的!”🤪🤪 – 事后想一想,应该跟aunty说我要买一瓶饮料+一杯冰,然后把饮料还给aunty就好了,这样我就可以买到一杯冰块了…而不用多买一瓶水了… – #真没想到买一杯冰块有这么困难 #不经一事不长一智

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The Taiwanese host-actress got some ice in the end—five cubes, to be exact—after another auntie told the former to “just give her some”.

Kate’s relentless pleas got her “a little more” despite her willingness to pay for it, with a reminder from the disgruntled auntie that “it’s not for sale!”

This is, however, not the first time the couple have encountered people in Singapore who are less than helpful, said Andie.

“Once, we saw a mum asking for hot water from a staff for her child’s milk, but was told that she had to pay for it—how cold a country have we become,” remarked Andie.

“(Even) charging people for tissue and (tap) water is ridiculous,” said the actor.

When asked if Andie would be pursuing the matter with Food Junction, he said that he only published that Instagram post “to let people know” and to be cautious when handling hot food on wet trays.

“I am not asking for any compensation,” he concluded.

A rep from Food Junction told AsiaOne that they have gotten in touch with Andie after seeing his post last night, and are currently looking into the matter.

Text: Lynette Phua / AsiaOne / March 2019