There was an uproar in the Chinese pop culture scene last year after an affair between singer-actor Andy Hui and former actress Jacqueline Wong was exposed.

At that time, both parties were attached, with Andy married to Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng, and Jacqueline dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma with marriage in mind. Sammi has since forgiven Andy for his indiscretions but he kept a low profile after his public apology.

After 14 months of silence, 52-year-old Andy finally made a public appearance on Monday (June 15) with a performance on ViuTV’s music programme, Chill Club.

“After this period of contemplation, meditation, reflection, and learning, I have grown a lot. I think it is time to face the people and society,” he told Hong Kong media in an interview, where he also thanked his wife, family, and friends for their support and encouragement.

He was described to be in good spirits and full of smiles, albeit a little nervous. He was also wearing his wedding band on his left ring finger.

Andy clarified that he hasn’t made a full comeback yet, but he is ready.

“I’m 100 per cent full of confidence, and I’ll do better than before. As for when I’ll resume work completely, I’ll leave it to the agency to decide,” he added.

When asked if he has been in touch with Jacqueline, Andy stressed that he hasn’t. “What’s past is past, I hope everyone will give me some time to let it stay in the past. But I won’t forget the mistake and hurt (it caused). I’ll be alert and I’ll remind myself that I have to do better in the future,” he said.

Andy also revealed that he lost sleep the night before the performance because he was questioning himself, but wife Sammi encouraged him to be “positive” and to “let people see the real me”.

Jacqueline spotted with new man

As for the other half of the duo at the eye of the media storm, she’s also been keeping a low profile after Kenneth broke up with her.

Jacqueline, 31, reportedly went into hiding in Canada after the scandal but was spotted last August at the Los Angeles International Airport before returning to Hong Kong in December.

However, she has seemingly moved on as well. In February, she was spotted with Lai Man Wang  a drummer from Cantopop group RubberBand, at a pet shop. The news led to speculation about whether she’s having yet another affair as Lai had allegedly proposed to his girlfriend.

The musician eventually clarified that he’s single as his engagement didn’t work out, according to news portal HKET.

He also claimed that he and Jacqueline weren’t romantically involved, and she is just a friend who knows how to take care of dogs.

Yet, on June 15, the media reported that Jacqueline and a man were spotted heading towards a vet clinic with a dog. Her companion was speculated to be Lai, once again fanning discussions that they are a couple.

The media said the duo seemed rather close and after their visit to the vet, they reportedly took a ride back to Jacqueline’s apartment.

Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / June 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Featured image: @andyhuichion / Instagram, @jacquelinebwong / Instagram