Trigger warning: Mention of sexual assault.

Korean girl group Red Velvet recently released their new single “Dumb Dumb” and treated fans to a live chat via V app. Most celebrities would expect an outpour of declarations of love and compliments, and that’s what Red Velvet got. Only, one member received a comment that could possibly constitute as sexual harassment or threat.

Youngest member Yeri, 16, became a target of a lewd comment during the live show. A user, who went by the name “Ya Suka”, commented, “Yeri you sl*t stop acting up before I stick a knife in your vagina.”


While the other members appeared to have not noticed the comment, Yeri’s facial expression changed. She stopped smiling and maintained a poker face even during the dance break, but she put a smile back on after that.

Yeri is not the first Korean celebrity to have been subjected to sexual harassment. In 2012, JYP Entertainment took legal action against a man who uploaded a photo of himself mounting miss A Suzy’s standee.


Images: YouTube