Bella Hadid made heads turn when she was spotted in New York City yesterday. The model was seen in a cropped white top and baggy jeans.

But all eyes were not on her hair transformation – she put on hair extensions later in the day despite just chopping off her locks – but her white top.

The 20-year-old wore a backless top with a low cleavage, which pretty much confirmed that she went braless.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time she went braless. Just a day before that, she was spotted in a white tank top without a bra too.

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The model, who has appeared on both runways and fashion editorials, has also skipped the bra for work numerous times.

While everyone else might be reeling in surprise over the fact that she actually went braless in a white top (but you do you, Bella), we’re totally digging her style, which is a throwback to the ‘90s. Think Britney Spears in cropped tops and baggy pants from her first album. All right, someone hand us a pair of baggy pants, pronto because we’re totally inspired now.