What happens when a sleep-deprived Benjamin roams around in sub-zero temperature in Switzerland?

With a glint in the eye, Ben says: “We did so many things. I’m not sure if we can say it on camera. There was a lot of drinking involved. There was a bit of passing out involved.”

Hold your horses. The Sam Willows singer was fooling around in the name of work. He was filming for the original travelogue by streaming site Viu, No Sleep No FOMO. The wacky show challenges celebrities to complete 60 tasks in 60 hours without any sleep.

Ben was promoting the series along with main host Paul Foster, who accompanied a celebrity guest to a different foreign country in each episode. The interactive game show let viewers vote on the tasks they’d think the cast members should take on as they were filming. The madcap missions ranged from sleeping in a haunted hotel in Bali and crashing a wedding in Malaysia.

We got an idea of the challenges posed to the contestants at Wednesday’s press conference—actor-singer Nat Ho chugged down an entire jug of ice milo like a hungry hippo and pulled off K-pop girl group Twice’s TT dance moves.


We find out what our Singapore representatives Ben and Nat Ho got up to in Switzerland and South Korea respectively.

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No Sleep No FOMO premieres on Viu on March 22, new episodes will be available on Viu every Friday from 8pm. 

Images: Viu
Text: Gwendolyn Ng