VIPs, get ready to bid goodbye to another Big Bang oppa. Daesung just confirmed that he will be enlisting as an active duty solider on March 13 to fulfil his mandatory military service.

His enlistment will take place just a day after Taeyang’s, which was confirmed to be March 12.

daesung military enlistment

For the past year, Daesung has been actively promoting in Japan, holding concerts and releasing his second Japanese mini-album, which took the top spot on the Oricon Albums Chart and the Billboard Japan Albums chart.

Just last week, the group’s leader, G-Dragon, enlisted as an active duty soldier, while T.O.P is also currently fulfilling his mandatory military service as a public service worker. The latter reportedly took leave to bid farewell to his bandmate.

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While youngest member Seungri’s enlistment date has yet to be set, he confirmed that he would be entering the military this year, after promotions for his Chinese movie and solo album have ended.

While we won’t get to see Big Bang as a quintet for the next two years, the good news is that most of them are enlisting around the same time, so they will be discharged – and hence reunited – around the same time too!

Images: TPG/Click Photos