All eyes are now on Big Bang’s T.O.P’s development. The latest we’ve heard is that he will be discharged from intensive care unit (ICU) today and be moved to a normal ward.

The rapper, who had overdosed on tranquilizers, reportedly gained conscious yesterday. His mother told reporters that his condition has improved, and he managed to make an eye contact with her and recognised her. He also reportedly recognised his platoon commander who came to visit.

T.O.P is expected to receive a notice of prosecution today or tomorrow. The notice also signals his official dismissal from his duties in the police force. Depending on whether he is found guilty and if so, how long his sentence would be, he might have to restart his national service.

If his sentence is less than 18 months, he would just have to fulfil his remaining days of national service, albeit not in the police force.

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The date for his first trial has been set to be on June 29, but it’s unclear if he would be fit to attend it by then.

Last week, the Big Bang member was indicted for using marijuana on four occasions last October. He was then expelled from the police unit where he was fulfilling his mandatory military service since February, and transferred to another unit.

There, he reportedly consumed a higher dosage of tranquilizers than what he usually takes. He was then found unconscious and taken to the emergency room. He was admitted into ICU three days ago, but only woke up yesterday.

Due to conflicting statements made by the police department and his agency, YG Entertainment, the doctors at the hospital had to hold a press conference to explain his condition.

Image: T.O.P’s Instagram