Big Bang’s T.O.P recently came under fire by Korean netizens after a footage of him disposing a cigarette butt out of a car spread online.

The video showed him riding a car that was surrounded by fans. As they called out to him, he flicked the stub out of the car.

Korean netizens criticised his actions as bad manners and said he would make a bad role model for his fans.

T.O.P has since apologised for his actions. He said, “I am sorry for showing a disappointing side of me to my fans. I am deeply embarrassed. Usually, the car I ride has an ashtray to throw cigarette butts, but because I was in someone else’s car, I made a big mistake. Anyway, that is no excuse for my mistake.”

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Unlike Western celebrities who post photos of them smoking on social media, Korean idols are seen as role models for young fans, which is why acts such as smoking are frowned upon.

While it is a widely known fact that some idols smoke – and have even been photographed by the media and friends with cigarettes in hand – most still keep their habits under wraps for fear of backlash.

In T.O.P’s case, the cause for discontentment was not the fact that he smokes – since he had openly admitted it in a previous interview – but the fact that he carelessly disposed of the cigarette butt in front of impressionable fans.

Images: 八哥专用’s Miaopai, TPG/Click Photos