Remember Kim Joon from Korean drama Boys Over Flowers? He was one of the F4 members, alongside Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum. He acted as Song Woo Bin, the Korean equivalent of Ken Zhu’s character in the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden, or Mimasaka Akira in the Japanese comics.

In fact, the soundtrack of the K-drama, “Paradise” (you’d probably remember its opening lines “Almost paradise~~~”) was sung by Kim Joon and his band, T-Max.

Yesterday, the actor admitted to a Korean news outlet that he is married with a kid. He told Ilgan Sports in a phone interview that he got married three years ago to his then-girlfriend, and that only those close to him knew about it.

He went on to reveal that he and his wife had been dating even before he made his debut as a member of T-Max in 2007, and that she was a non-celebrity. They were in their ninth year of relationship when they tied the knot three years ago.

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He said, “I married my wife whom I met before my debut and had been dating for nine years, and now I’m a father.”

This morning, he updated his Instagram with a photo of him and his daughter, with the caption “Two fools. A fool for daughter. A fool for father. Thank you.”

In Korea, “딸바보” (ddal-babo) or translated as “a fool for daughter”, is usually used to describe a man who loves his daughter unconditionally and would do anything for her.

Fans also left comments with words of encouragement and congratulations.

Kim Joon recently delved into acting in plays and recently starred a theatre production, Yeodo.

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He wasn’t the first celebrity to have kept his marital and family life under wraps. In 2015, U-KISS member Eli made a shocking announcement, revealing that he had been married for a year and that his wife was expecting.

Last year, Korean rapper Gary, who was known for his appearances on Korean variety show Running Man, announced his wedding on the day itself, surprising everyone, including his fellow Running Man members.

Boys Over Flowers is available on Netflix.

Image: Kim Joon’s Instagram