News of BTS’ possible collaborations with various artists have been swimming around since the K-pop boy group took the Best Social Artist crown at this year’s Billboard Awards. And it seems one collab is legit happening.

Andrew Taggart, one-half of The Chainsmokers, has been confirmed to be working with BTS rappers, Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope, on the group’s new mini-album, Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’.

Titled “Best of Me”, the song is said to be an EDM track, which is The Chainsmokers’ signature genre. But the duo is known to blend EDM beats with the collaborating artist’s signature sound, evident from their collabs with Coldplay and Halsey.

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So while we’re definitely not expecting something like “Selfie” (though they might just surprise us), we reckon it might be an EDM-infused hip-hop track, like most of BTS’s hits.

But judging from some of the teaser shots from their new mini-album, it could even be “Spring Day” peppered with EDM beats, like “Save Me”.

But if anything, both acts are known for producing radio hits, so we’re definitely looking forward to this one.

Image: TPG/Click Photos