BTS’ Jungkook appeared as a guest on Flower Crew yesterday but instead of being happy about the K-pop boybander’s first variety show appearance, his fans are calling out the cast for treating the idol shabbily.

Jungkook went on set with burgers for the rest of the cast but comedian Jo Seho brushed off his efforts and asked if he gave them leftovers. After the burgers were returned to him, Jungkook sadly turned to the camera and said, “No one accepted my burgers.” (Why anyone would reject burgers, we have no idea.)

Descendants of the Sun’s Kim Minsuk who was also on the show reportedly received a similar treatment, as the other cast members continually asked if he even had fans. The pair was also repeatedly cut off whenever they tried to make a comment.

The show was broadcasted live on V app, a streaming app that allows fans to leave real-time comments. In one segment, fans had to vote for the member they think deserve to be the leader of the “flower team”, who will receive preferential treatment. The person with the least amount of votes would be the leader of the “dirt team”, who would get second-class food and accommodation.

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The other members started griping about the unfairness of the voting system and Seho commented that the show was made for Jungkook, who has a large fan base. As the leader of the “flower team” could choose his team members, Seo Janghoon started claiming to be close to Jungkook, who was initially leading in votes.

Jungkook was visibly affected by the comments and used gestures to tell his fans to stop voting for him.



BTS fans took it to Twitter and Instagram to air their unhappiness about Jungkook’s treatment, and some continued to do so through live comments when the second part of the show aired this morning. Seho said, “I said it yesterday when we started the show that Jungkook was the only one I’ve done a show with. I was so happy to see him, but people started to misunderstand.”

Image: TPG/Click Photos