Rumours can be a pain to deal with, even more so if you’re someone of high status and/or you have a high following.

So, what do you do to address the rumours? You provide evidence of your own. Which is exactly what Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung did in regards to the speculation that the father of her son Marcus is Caucasian. Well, kind of.

Cecilia, 40, gave birth to Marcus, her third son, in November 2018, but has so far not disclosed who the boy’s father is. She also did not fill in the name of Marcus’ father on his birth certificate, so the toddler took her surname.

On Saturday (May 30), she posted on Instagram Stories a video of Marcus playing with a push car, with his full face seen clearly for the first time. What was also noticeable was the colour of his hair, which was clearly dark in colour.

Image: Screenshot from Instagram story

Earlier this month, netizens speculated, from photos that Cecilia posted online, that his father could be Caucasian, saying that his hair looked blond compared with that of his brothers.

Cecilia has two other sons—Lucas, 12, and Quintus, 10—from her five-year marriage to her former husband, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. They divorced in 2011.

Previously, a Singaporean F&B tycoon, a Chinese magnate, director Stephen Chow and even Nicholas were among the names tossed up in online talk about the identity of Marcus’ father. Both Stephen and Nicholas have refuted such rumours.

Text: Lim Ruey Yan / The Straits Times / May 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Image: 徐颖荃 / Shin Min