You might not have been able to see the solar eclipse last night (Singapore time), but it did happen. Americans gathered to witness the monumental event, armed with their own protective eye wear. The total solar eclipse started in Oregon and ended in South Carolina. The natural phenomenon was one of the most anticipated events of the year, so naturally people couldn’t stop talking about it.

Some celebrities, however, cleverly coincided their promos/ambiguous messages with the solar eclipse. Click the pages to read on.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift new music
Taylor Swift uploaded a cryptic video of a snake last night.

Taylor Swift had gone on what fans called a “social media blackout” after purging her Instagram page. Her official website only shows a black screen. Many speculated that it could signal new music being released to coincide with the eclipse. One fan wrote, “an eclipse often symbolises new beginnings and a cleanse,” which could be why T-Swift wiped out her social media content.

Though she didn’t drop new music around that time, she did post something – a video of a snake, with static frames, on her social media accounts.

No one knows what the video means, but fans think that the snake (though a handful think it’s a dragon) might have something to do with the snake emoji that people flooded her Instagram page with after the drama with Calvin Harris.

And remember, Kim Kardashian posted the video conversation between TayTay and Kanye West on her Snapchat right after posting “Wait it’s legit National Snake Day?!?!? They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days!” with a lot of snake emojis on Twitter.

Snake emojis then disappeared from Taylor’s Instagram page, and no one knew why. But fans think that Taylor could have embraced the emoji people used to spam her with, as evidenced from the cryptic video. Many believed that her unconfirmed new album could mark a new beginning for the singer.

According to Us Weekly, the album will be released on August 25. This would be her first since 2014’s 1989.


EXO The War repackaged
EXO’s new teaser was released the same time the solar eclipsed occurred.

If there’s any celebrity who continues to confuse fans with their cryptic teasers, it has got to be Korean boy band EXO. The group has had a concept since their debut – that they came from Exoplanet and each member has a superpower. In fact, eclipses have always been a part of their story line.

So when SM Entertainment uploaded a cryptic message with the time that the eclipse would occur in Oregon, fans guessed that this could mean the release of their repackaged album. After all, the boys had revealed that the repackaged album for their latest release The War would be released soon.

True enough, at the same time the eclipse took place in Oregon, the company uploaded a teaser video of what we can assume to be their new track. At the end of the video, there was a message: “The power of music arises when the eclipse occur.”

SM Entertainment had confirmed earlier that day that EXO would indeed be releasing their repackaged album, but said that the exact date hasn’t been confirmed.

We’re pretty sure that it won’t be released during the next solar eclipse but get this – the next solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024, on EXO’s 12th anniversary.

Can we just say SM Entertainment totally owned this eclipse game?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump looking at the solar eclipse without wearing protective glasses.
Donald Trump looking at the solar eclipse without wearing protective glasses.

The President of the United States didn’t deliberately try to upstage the solar eclipse, but he did make headline news by doing the very thing that people are not supposed to do – look directly at the solar eclipse without protective eye wear.

According to CNN, Trump looked at the solar eclipse without safety glasses thrice as he stood at the Blue Room Balcony. He even gestured to his staff and pointed to the sky, and one aide reportedly shouted, “Don’t look!”

Donald Trump pointing at the solar eclipse without wearing protective glasses.

He later put on the safety glasses to enjoy the view with his wife, Melanie, and son, Barron.

Donald Trump looking at the solar eclipse.

But that didn’t stop some people on the Internet from jumping on him for not heeding warnings, with a number of people mocking him.

In case you didn’t know, staring directly into the solar eclipse can cause your retina to burn, leading to blindness.

Images: TPG/Click Photos