On Go Go With Mr Paik, Chef Paik refers to SHINee’s Onew and I.O.I’s Chaeyeon as his nephew and niece respectively. Don’t be surprised – they’re not actually related. It’s a term of endearment he used for the K-Pop idols who filmed the show with him.

The trio was in town yesterday to film the new season of the show in Singapore. Previously, they went to Kudat, Malaysia, where they tried seafood dishes such as fish curry.

Since the show is all about cooking and eating, it made Chef Paik discover something about the idol duo. He said, “I was surprised by the amount of food they eat because they’re slim.”

Onew agreed and admitted, “I also didn’t know I could eat that much. Yesterday, I ate a whole crab by myself.” Chef Paik chimed in, “It was a 1.5kg crab!”

The SHINee member also revealed that his cooking skills have improved after he joined the show. He even gave himself 100 points when asked to rate his skills. At this, Chef Paik joked, “Out of 200, right?”

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The celebrity chef, who owns multiple chain restaurants, including Paik’s Bibim, Bornga and Paik’s Coffee, gave Onew a more objective 80 points (out of 100, we presume) for his skills. The singer’s best dish? Seaweed soup, a clear broth usually served when one celebrates his or her birthday.

When asked about Chaeyeon’s cooking abilities, Chef Paik said, “She’s a mystery. Until now, she hasn’t cooked [for me].”

Despite not being familiar with cooking, it seems the 18-year-old idol is ambitious when it comes to whipping up a meal. When asked what presents they would give their loved ones for Christmas, she said, “I want to make warm rice with nine side dishes (banchan).”

Similarly, Onew said, “Nowadays, I derive pleasure through cooking so I want to cook for my loved ones.”

Images: Hidayah Idris