News of Korean singer Kim Jonghyun’s death has been reported widely all over the world since news broke two days ago. Fans also started trending #RosesForJonghyun in memory of the late SHINee vocalist. One news outlet also jumped on the news and included the announcement of his death on their evening news – but used the wrong photo.

NBC Chicago used a footage of BTS on The Ellen Show while announcing the news. In the video, RM clearly introduced himself, saying, “Hi, I’m RM and I’m the leader of this group.”

A few seconds later, the broadcast journalist who did the voice-over said, “…the lead singer of the popular Korean boy band SHINee has been found dead from an apparent suicide. Police said Kim Jonghyun, better known as Jonghyun…”

We don’t know how similar the station thinks the names RM and Jonghyun are, or how similar these two singers look. RM’s birth name is Kim Namjoon, and as far as similarities go, it ends at “Kim”.

BTS’ RM (left) and SHINee’s Jonghyun (right).

Fans called the station out and asked them to issue an apology and questioned why the station didn’t do proper research, given that the news has been reported in various mainstream media all over the world, and was even trending on Twitter.

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One fan brought up a valid point, questioning how the station could find the video of BTS and not notice anything during the edit.

Two days ago, the station broke the news of Jonghyun’s death on Twitter with the correct image.

The online article accompanying the tweet also had a photo of Jonghyun.

Images: TPG/Click Photos