China’s entertainment scene now has an idol group with a twist — an up-and-coming boy band made up of androgynous women.

Their gender was only unveiled earlier this month during a series of music events known as “Husband Exhibitions”. “Husband” is what Chinese female fans refer to male pop stars (not hard to understand why).

FFC-Acrush was formed last year following a year-long search. It consists of Lu Keran, An Jun Xi, Peng Xi Chen, Min Jun Qian and Lin Fan, all of whom are in their early 20s except for one (who’s 18).

“A group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames” is how the group’s agent, Zhou Xiaobai, described its edge to Quartz.

The members aren’t defined by the pronouns he or she, but are instead known as meishaonian, which means “handsome youths”.

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And if you’re wondering about how the Chinese are taking to them, the answer is very well. Although the group has yet to release a music video, it already has  some 883,000 followers on Weibo, which is just about 100,000 behind that of Katy Perry’s Weibo.

Acrush is so named because the group is part of the sports brand Fantasy Football Confederation. All bands associated with FFC have to learn to play soccer and stage soccer-related performances.

And the “A” in Acrush? It stands for Adonis, the god of beauty and desire in Greek mythology.

Where there’s demand, there will be supply. We look forward to the band’s success.

Image: @ffc_acrush_/Instagram