In the same way we want to date Captain America (and other superheroes, tbh), Chris Evans can also see himself dating a comic character.

When quizzed on which comic character he would date, he quickly said, “Is Halle Berry in comic books?”

When told that the actress plays Storm in X-Men, he cheekily added, “Yeah, and Catwoman. Let’s not forget that.” He clearly knows his stuff.

He went on to answer the question as his character, Captain America, and said, “It’s tricky because in the comic book, it follows a certain plot line, where there is a relationship with Emily Vancamp (Sharon Carter). It certainly follows a lineage where the Cap considers his home to be with Peggy Carter and Sharon Carter is kind of a reincarnation of what he sees as something familiar.”

It’s tough because I would say Black Widow but we’ve established such a nice platonic thing. … You have two characters from very different worlds – Cap and Black Widow who have very different backgrounds and found that kind of comfort in one another in times of distress. I’ve always thought it’ll be an interesting dynamic to pursue, but at the same time, it’s really very sweet and very pure that they’ve kept it platonic, and they have found something else besides an intimate relationship to kind of lean upon,” he added.

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Despite making two choices (yes, we’re taking that as answers, Cap), he said, “I guess this is a long-winded answer of me saying, ‘I don’t know.’”

During the press conference to promote Captain America: Civil War in Singapore, Chris described the movie as “record-setting”. Sebastian Stan, on the other hand, says it’s “heartbreaking”.

And it’s such an apt word because there are many emotional scenes in the movie. “The action is exhausting. It’s physically demanding but I think what’s harder in terms of your process as an actor are the more emotional scenes. There is much greater personal responsibility in those scenes. The action scenes have a lot of cooks in the kitchen and they can make those scenes look really good regardless,” Chris said.

“The emotional moments, that’s up to you – well, it’s up to you and the director – and that’s why Joe and Anthony [Russo] are so fantastic. They have a wonderful understanding of cinema. A lot of directors don’t always want to reference other movies, but Joe and Anthony, they’re true cinephiles. They have a really extensive knowledge of the cinematic world and their vernaculars are very sophisticated in a way that they can give really simple directions where you can understand very quickly what the scene means, and you trust them completely.”

And those emotional moments, it’s a combination of fun, a little bit of fear … every actor I know has a little bit of terrified. But Joe and Anthony certainly created a very comfortable landscape to take risks, and those scenes are a lot more challenging,” he added.

We certainly felt the emotions oozing from the screen, Cap.

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Text and images: Hidayah Idris