Get ready to die a little inside, because the SongSong couple officially tied the knot at 3pm (Singapore time) today, and it was as adorable as you’d imagine.

Korean actor Song Joong Ki, 32, and actress Song Hye Kyo, 35, became husband and wife in a private outdoor ceremony at The Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The ceremony was held in Yeong Bin Gwan, a Korean-style banquet annexe at the hotel.

SongSongWedding first kiss
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Although the hotel stepped up security because of the event, the paparazzi and fans somehow managed to capture photos of the couple during the ceremony and post them on Weibo.

Hye Kyo was seen in a long-sleeved white gown with a square neckline, while Joong Ki opted for a dark-coloured tuxedo. During the ceremony, Joong Ki was spotted rubbing Hye Kyo’s hands to keep her warm from the current cold temperature in Seoul, which dipped to 15 degrees Celcius today.

The ceremony was attended by 300 people, and it was said to have included Joong Ki’s good friends Im Ju Hwan, Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Gum, and Hye Kyo’s friends, Choi Ji Woo and Yoo Ah In. Kwang Soo and Ah In reportedly read congratulatory letters to the couple, while Bo Gum was said to have played the piano. The appointed wedding singer was Hye Kyo’s good friend, Ock Joo Hyun.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was also spotted at the wedding. Ziyi had acted with Hye Kyo in two movies, “The Grandmaster” and “The Crossing”.

Other guests include Super Junior’s Donghae, Kim Hee Sun, Hwang Jung Min and Park Hyung Sik.

Song Song Couple wedding
Image: Weibo

Of course, the couple also invited their colleagues from Descendants, including Kim Ji Won. After all, it was the drama that catapulted Joong Ki’s career to newfound fame and brought the pair together.

Image: Weibo

The couple reportedly was first introduced by actor Jo In Sung. Joong Ki, who has been close to In Sung since acting in 2008 film A Frozen Flower, was said to have been visiting the senior actor on the set of 2013 drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, in which Hye Kyo starred with In Sung.

Since March last year, just weeks after Descendants of the Sun premiered, rumours started going round that the SongSong couple were dating in real life. However, the pair continued to deny the rumours, asserting that they were just good friends, until they surprised everyone by announcing in July that they would be tying the knot.

And according to Kim Eun Sook, the writer of Descendants, the two of them are madly in love. She said at a talk in September that Hye Kyo told her that Yoo Shi Jin’s character changed Joong Ki and he became sweeter since acting in the show. The writer added, “They really love each to death. It is just so beautiful to see.”

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