EXO’s Sehun shocked fans today when he uploaded photos of himself looking bloody and all beaten up.

He posted three photos, first an injured hand, followed by a grazed cheek before taking a side profile of his bloody appearance.

But before you freak out and wonder if he’s all right, yes, we think he’s perfectly fine. After all, we doubt he’d be posting selfies if he got beaten up for real.



A photo posted by 세훈 (@oohsehun) on




A photo posted by 세훈 (@oohsehun) on




A photo posted by 세훈 (@oohsehun) on


We’re not sure if the bloody makeup is for his movie, Catman, but word has it that they’ve wrapped up filming for it. Which points to another possibility – he could be filming the teaser (or music video) for EXO’s comeback.

The K-pop boy band is due to release a new album in June, and based on their previous releases, their agency, SM Entertainment, is likely to release teaser videos – fraught with puzzles, no less – weeks before the actual release date. Since it’s already end May, we’re guessing that they might be filming the videos. Another piece of evidence? Two members, Chanyeol and Suho, are already sporting new hair colours.

Last weekend, Chanyeol and Sehun sprung a surprise on the EXO leader for his birthday and broadcast it on V app. It was then that fans spotted Suho having a new hair colour (Chanyeol’s was revealed during the press conference for his movie earlier in the week). However, they brushed it off and claimed they wanted to try something new after finishing up their web drama and movie respectively.

At the end of live broadcast, Chanyeol said, “There will be good news soon, so I hope you’ll look forward to it.”

Suho added, “EXO will…” but it was cut off. We’re not sure if it’s deliberate or due to a connection error, but perhaps he had to be censored because the trio was dropping too many hints?

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One sharp-eyed fan also spotted the similarities between the ring Sehun was wearing in his Instagram post and Kai and Tao’s ring in the previous teaser for Pathcode.



So is the ring some continuity thing? Because Sehun was wearing a silver ring in his Pathcode teaser.

If you remembered, Pathcode featured the EXO members in different locations around the world and having their powers reawakened. We’re not sure how the new teasers would span out but we can hardly wait.

Images: Sehun’s Instagram