You might remember Baek Sunghyun as Pi Young-gook from Doctors, King Seongjeong from Queen Insoo, or even the child actor from Stairway to Heaven, so if we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t expect him to appear in a film about the red light district in Thailand. Yet, that sums up his recent movie, Walking Street, in which he acts as Taesung, a mute who runs away with his brother to Thailand after the latter committed a crime in Korea.

In town for Singapore International Film Festival to promote the movie, the 27-year-old actor revealed this was his second time in our country in just a few months. He said, “I was here alone two months ago for a holiday. … I think Singapore is very special because there are all kinds of food. Chinese food, Thai food, Vietnamese food… everything is here.”

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Sunghyun is definitely no stranger to Thai food, having filmed the movie in Pattaya, Thailand. The actor said the film, which sees him and his on-screen brother entangled in a love triangle with a prostitute, was an interesting challenge for him as it was a stark contrast to his usual roles. He said, “I’m quite young, so people would think I’m more suited to act as a prince or boyfriend, but I don’t want to limit myself to certain roles.”


When asked about the difference between filming Walking Street and Doctors, Sunghyun mused, “Those who like Doctors might get a shock when they watch Walking Street. …the film portrays a more human and darker side [compared to Doctors].”

As someone who got a preview of the movie before its screening in Singapore Film Festival – and who has watched Doctors ­­– I am inclined to agree with him. But that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. Just… don’t watch it in public or in the office. You’ll know why just three seconds into the show.

Watch the video below to see what he has to say about reuniting with Park Shinhye in Doctors 13 years after playing her love interest in Stairway to Heaven.

Photography and videography: Alexander Ow