An earthquake hit Japan last night right when K-pop boyband SHINee was filming a show for a Japanese cable channel.

The SHINee members, who were recording for a TV programme for Ameba TV in Tokyo, felt the tremors during the filming. Jonghyun, who won a “scissors, paper, stone” battle against one of the hosts, was doing a celebratory dance when the earthquake hit.

His face quickly changed into one of fear as he was advised to sit. Another member, Key, could be heard letting out a soft wail and gripping his chair as the hosts told the crew to cut to commercials.



When they came back on, the tremors had stopped and the SHINee members seemed back to normal.

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The 5.6-strong earthquake had hit the eastern coast of Honshu, causing tremors to be felt in the Saitama and Tokyo areas. The magnitude was considered moderately high based on the Japanese seven-point scale.

Although no damages were reported, train services were suspended but resumed soon after.

Image: TPG/Click Photo