Edison Chen caused massive speculations when he went on a Weibo tirade against Lin Chi Ling last year, allegedly due to his model girlfriend, Shu Pei Qin whose offer to appear on a show was withdrawn. In his Weibo posts, Edison had not-so-subtly blamed Chi Ling for influencing the producers’ decision.

Producers then clarified that the decision was made because of Edison’s relationship with Pei Qin. Edison and Pei Qin have remained low-profile since then (save for his lash out at the paparazzi at the airport recently), but it seems the two have welcomed a daughter.

In a photo circulated online, Edison was seen carrying a baby in front of a banner that read “Alaia’s 100”. Pei Qin was seen standing beside him, along with his parents and two older sisters.


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The photo was originally uploaded by Edison’s friend, with the caption “100 days congrats”, suggesting that it was the baby’s (allegedly Edison’s daughter) 100th day celebration.

A few months ago, rumours were rife that Edison had flown to the United States, allegedly to accompany Pei Qin during the baby’s delivery. He had also reportedly bought a house in Los Angeles.

Talk of Edison and Pei Qin starting a family has been floating around for a few months. Ming Pao Daily News said the photo seemed to be proof of those rumours.

Image: TPG/Click Photos