A photo of a guy doing the heart sign has everyone freaking out – not because there’s a new heart sign for people to showcase, but because everyone thought they’ve been reading the finger heart wrong.

In the photo, a guy was seen flashing the finger heart sign – only, it actually forms the shape of a human heart when you outline it together with the fist.


Now the Internet is freaking out that what they thought was a finger heart was actually a human heart. But is it really?

The finger heart sign was popularised by Infinite member Nam Woohyun, and judging by how he flashes them, we don’t think he meant for it to be in the shape of the organ.


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Last year, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted on Instagram a photo of his younger self doing the same sign. His caption read, “I’m the originator of the finger heart.” And judging from the angle, nope, it wasn’t meant to be a human heart.

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A week later, comedian Yang Se Hyung posted a childhood photo of himself striking a similar pose, with the caption, “Everyone, I’m the originator of finger heart.”

So don’t freak out, if your oppas who popularised the sign thinks it’s supposed to be a finger heart, it probably is.