Tall, dark(-haired) and handsome. That pretty much describes Dr Mike, the hot doctor on Instagram who drove the world crazy when he became insta-famous last year.

But what surprised us about him during our chat was not the fact that he had gone on about 30 dates in his life, but that he fell victim to catfishing.

Through our chat, we also found out that the doctor is a gentleman who knows how to treat ladies – and people, in general – right.

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What’s your idea of a perfect date?
My perfect date definitely has to be something spontaneous; something exciting, adventurous that gets the hormones going, the neuron transfers going. Because that’s when you really create a connection – when you bond and you experience something together. I like to plan something that the person – the girl I’m going on a date with – has never done, maybe take her rock-climbing to the tallest mountain in New York, or take her to a boxing class with my boxing trainer and have a workout. Just do something fun where we can see how the person is outside their comfort zone, if they get along well with other people because those are the important things you’d want in a life partner.

So would you say you love the outdoors?
Not necessarily. I love watching Netflix and just curling in bed. That happens a lot with me especially with my limited time that I have outside of work, but you know, I’m very well-rounded. I like to be outside, I like to hang out inside, I’m really easygoing. So whatever the other person enjoys to do, that’s usually the kind of date I’ll plan.

What was the worst date you’ve ever been to?
When I first started my Instagram account around three years ago, I was actually “catfished”. I was talking to somebody, they had a lot of pictures, their friends were in my photos, so I assumed they were a real person and we exchanged phone numbers, and we texted for a couple of months. We tried setting up meet-and-greets, but something always came up and when it came down to it, it turned out this person was not the person I was talking to. They thought it was a joke and it freaked me out. So from now on whenever I meet someone online, it’s strictly a video chat first.

Did you eventually find out who did it?
No, that’s the scary part about it because I have no idea who it is, but they basically confessed like this is not me, you caught me, blah blah blah. It made me feel kind of stupid but you know, you learn from your mistakes and I’ve moved on from that awful experience.

What does it take for you to ask a girl out on a second date?
Honestly, I think that I very often go on second dates. It’s very rare that I just go on a first date because I think you really learn more about a person on the second date. Once they are more comfortable with you, they are more open to sharing certain things with you. I think that a first date is a good introduction to a person, but you don’t really get the true story, so I really enjoy asking people out on second dates. I like learning more about them, and even if the date doesn’t work out and we’re not compatible to be in a relationship, we can still be friends. I have a lot of friends that initially we started dating in hopes that we get a relationship, but instead we have a friendly relationship. We’ve been friends for 10 years. It’s a great thing that can happen from that.

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In that case, what would make you not want to ask them out on a second date?
If a person is rude – that’s something that’s important to me. I’ve seen maybe a few ladies that I’ve taken out to dinner, they were incredibly rude to the waitstaff at restaurants, or maybe the taxi driver. You know, I have mutual respect for every person in this world. I feel like everybody has a passion for whatever they choose to do, so to consider yourself higher than anyone, or better than anyone really irks me. So that’s something that would make me consider not going out on a second date with that person.

How many dates till you make it official?
That’s tricky. I think it depends on a few factors. It depends where you live – your proximity to each other. There’s a few girls that I’ve gone on many dates with but they just live in other countries so it becomes difficult to make that into a real relationship. I think you need to have a plan if you were to do that. I think the secret number is somewhere [around] four or five – [that’s] when I think it starts becoming more serious.

How do you think your dating philosophy or priorities have changed over the years?
I think what’s changed is that I’ve become more mature over the last five years. Being a physician, you see a lot of tragedies in hospitals – people losing their lives spontaneously, losing family members – so you really have an appreciation of what life is and who you want to spend your life with. All I found is, couples who are really strong and have a good foundation work well together through really hard times and stressful times. Especially working in pediatrics, you know, watching parents suffer with ill children is really one of the hardest things to see, but them having a strong relationship really influences the child to do better. So that really motivates me to find someone that’s not just attractive, not just beautiful, but really strong and beautiful on the inside that I could see myself raising a family with.

What are some of the common relationship mistakes you’ve seen people make?
I see people who are afraid to be themselves. They perceive that they should put on a front of being overly successful, or overly wealthy, when really the other person just wants to get to know who they are. .. People really make the assumption that I need to be the handsomest guy, I need to be the strongest guy. You really just need to be yourself. And you need to have the other person fall in love with you for who you are because if you have them fall in love with a façade, once the façade disappears, the love is gonna go right with it.

What advice do you have for girls, from a guy’s point of view?
I think it would be really work hard on projecting who you are as an individual. Love the guy, help the guy out, do what you can from like the traditional woman standpoint, but also show that you have an independence. Don’t be solely dependent on the guy, not [just] for finance, but also for emotional support. Have friends, have a life outside of the relationship. What it does is, it allows your boyfriend, or whoever you’re dating, to really respect you more and want you more because they see you as like a goddess instead of, you know, just a girl who’s so dependent on me that if I leave, she’s gonna cry. You really want to be a powerful woman, and I’m a firm believer that women are really goddesses.

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