The collaboration between K-pop group EXO and Korea’s top host Yoo Jaesuk have been confirmed by the boy band themselves during a press conference for their new album. Now it looks like they’ve finally set it in motion. New reports claim that Jaesuk and EXO have already started practising their collaborative song.

They were spotted by fans yesterday walking through SUM Cafe, located in the lobby of SM Entertainment’s building, which is definitely a common sight, considering the host is managed by FNC Entertainment.



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Kim Taeho, the producer of Infinite Challenge, told Sports Chosun, “After returning from America, Yoo Jaesuk met EXO to start their first practice on the 10th.” He added, “Yoo Jaesuk is practising hard. It will be a new song with new choreography.” However, he said that the actual performance date has yet to be decided.



In a January episode of the variety show, Jaesuk was given a mission to collaborate with EXO.

Fans are anticipating the release of the song, but the boy band remains coy about what kind of song one can expect from the rare collab.

Images: TPG/Click Photos