In an industry as competitive and ever-changing as K-pop, selling a million copies of an album, especially in this digital age, is not easy.

When EXO sold their first million with their debut album, XOXO, they became Korea’s first act in 13 years to accomplish the feat.

Today, they broke yet another record by becoming the only Korean act to sell a million copies of a release for three consecutive albums.

The group just released the repackaged version of third album Ex’Act today and the sales from the release helped them break the million-copy mark to rewrite history.

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With this achievement, it wouldn’t be surprising if they continued their streak of victory by sweeping the Album of the Year or Disk Daesang awards again at awards shows – a deed they have been doing for the past three years.

As a testament to their staying power, the music video for their title track of the repackaged album “Lotto”, which was released this morning, has chalked up more than 400,000 views in less than an hour. The music video seems to borrow elements from their previous release, “Monster”, but like most EXO videos, its narrative seems to be a part of a bigger plot.

We’ll wait for EXO to explain the deeper meaning behind the MV, but for now, here are the highlights from the video.

Watch the full MV below.

Image: TPG/Click Photos