In January this year, Yoo Jae Suk was given a mission on Infinite Challenge: He had to collaborate with K-pop boy band EXO by the end of the year.

When the host called EXO’s Baekhyun a week later, the vocalist showed great enthusiasm for the possible collab – and it looks like it’s really happening.

EXO confirmed that they will indeed be working with Korea’s top host during the press conference for their third album this morning.

Baekhyun said, “We’re in the midst of planning it. Actually, we have a song ready. It’s not EXO’s song; we’re preparing a new one. The song is really good. Truthfully, when we heard it, we thought it was better than ours (laughs). We even asked if it could be our title song.”

Chen added, “The song really matches Yoo Jaesuk. We are really looking forward to the collaboration.”

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However, they haven’t confirmed a date for the collaboration. Baekhyun said, “Yoo Jaesuk is very busy, so we don’t really know when it’ll be, but we’ve started preparing for it.”

Suho added, “We’re really excited so we have made preparations among ourselves. I met Yoo Jaesuk a while back. We said we’ll see each other soon. Actually, we haven’t communicated with Infinite Challenge yet. We’re just listening to the song among ourselves and getting excited.”

A song collaboration between EXO and Yoo Jaesuk? Now, that’s one collaboration we’re eagerly looking forward to.

EXO will be releasing their third album, EX’ACT, at 11pm tonight.

Images: TPG/Click Photos