If there’s one thing that sells faster than the most popular cupcakes in Singapore, it has got to be the tickets for K-pop boyband EXO’s concert. Well, at least in Seoul.

When they held their first concert last year, EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET, tickets for the Seoul leg were sold out in 1.47 seconds. This year, they broke their own record with EXO From. EXOPLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion, which was reportedly sold out in 0.4 seconds. And mind you, they were playing five shows at a venue that had a seat capacity of 14,000.

So, naturally, when I attended the Macau leg of their tour last weekend, expectations were soaring high and I must say, they did not disappoint. Here are eight things that happened during the gig that would make you wish you were there.

  1. They showed off their abs unintentionally
    Fan service may be aplenty during the show, but what fans look forward to every show is the “Lucky” performance, during which they would tease the crowd by changing behind a screen that illuminated their silhouettes. The silhouettes made fans’ imagination run wild, but an accident happened that left nothing to imagination: the screen fell to reveal the members in their half-naked state. #visualfeast

    Lay tried to hide his body while Chen showed off his chocolate abs.


  2. Baekhyun performed a solo dance
    After failing to lift the screen (he even tore it in the process), Baekhyun decided that the best way to distract the crowd from the half-naked bodies was to dance. So dance he did, from breaking into random moves to doing the moonwalk.

    While Sehun helped the staff hold the screen up…

    Baekhyun danced to distract the fans.

  3. D.O. sparred with the confetti – and accidentally punched Chanyeol’s hand
    D.O., who is currently filming a movie in which he is acting as a judo athlete, showed off his moves by punching the uhh, confetti. And he did a fine job punching the little pieces of paper until Chanyeol, who was throwing those confetti strips for him to punch, got a little too close and got punched right in the hand. Ouch.



  4. The sexy dance
    OK, we gotta admit this happens at every EXO’luXion concert, but it’s defo one of the highlights because ugh, a wet Kai is everything an EXO-L (EXO fans) needs. Need we say more? PS: Sehun and Baekhyun got wet too.

  5. Sehun’s cute attempt at Mandarin
    Sehun revealed in their recent DVD, EXO’s Second Box, that he’s been learning Mandarin, and it seems his efforts have paid off. He managed to speak a few sentences in Mandarin without looking at the screen (which usually displays their script), and only sought validation from Chinese member Lay a few times. You get my stamp of approval, Sehun.

  6. The lightsaber show during “El Dorado”
    Well, technically they didn’t really dance with the real lightsabers from Star Wars, but they came close enough. They also wore gloves that emitted laser lights, so the whole performance was amazing. It’s no wonder they got to collaborate with Star Wars for a song.

  7. Lay wearing sunglasses – throughout the concert
    Before you huff and label him an attention seeker, he had a good reason to be wearing it: he had an eye infection. He even apologised a few times during the concert, as if wearing sunglasses was a huge crime. (Come on, the superstars and rock bands do it all the time.)

  8. The announcement of their winter album
    Granted, this was announced during their Dome concerts. But still. *throws confetti for D.O. to punch*

Note: Main image used in the article is from the Hong Kong leg of the tour.

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Text and images: Hana
Main image: TPG/Click Photos