EXO’s Kai father has reportedly passed away yesterday due to a chronic illness. An official from SM Entertainment said that the EXO member, whose birth name is Kim Jongin, is deeply saddened by his father’s death and that the funeral will be a private one attended by family and relatives.

They also said that the rest of the EXO members will be attending the funeral.

Kai is the youngest among three siblings and is the only son in the family.

exo kai-father-passed-away

In previous interviews, he has mentioned that his father was the reason why he joined SM Entertainment. He told Sports Seoul that his father had recorded videos of his dances since he was eight and sent them to the agency, which landed him an audition. Although Kai had initially wanted to be a ballet dancer, his father promised to buy him a Nintendo game console if he went for the audition at SM Entertainment, so he eventually did.

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One of the reasons why his father was so supportive of Kai’s dreams was because the former had faced opposition from the singer’s grandparents when he wanted to pursue a career in acting when he was younger. He said in the same interview, “That’s why my father allowed me to do anything I want.”

exo kai-father-passed-away

He added, “Although I had a lot of difficulties, such as the possibility of not passing my audition, my father always believed in me. Nowadays, when he sees me, he would say, ‘I always knew you were going to do well. From an objective point of view, when I saw you dance when you were younger, you were really good.'”

Kai is currrently filming a drama, The Miracle We Met.

Image: TPG/Click Images