If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you might have noticed the hashtag FENTYxKAI trending.

The hashtag was part of the fans’ efforts to convince Rihanna’s Beauty Brand Fenty Beauty that a collab needs to happen because… well, he’s Kai.

And also because the EXO member has beautiful bronze skin that would look so good when touched with Fenty Beauty products (the brand is known for inclusivity, after all). We mean, can you imagine him shining with Trophy Wife?

And it seems the brand has noticed! They tweeted to say they’re sending a DM to Kai, and then went on Instagram, liked three of Kai’s photos on his personal account, and left a message for him to check his inbox.

fenty beauty rihanna kai collaboration dm

We’re as shooketh as EXO fans. We don’t know if the collab is happening for sure, but we sure hope it does!

And you think all’s well and good, right? While fans have achieved this impressive feat, some of them are worried that Kai might not see the DM at all. Their reason? They suspect the K-pop star has forgotten his password, which could be why he hasn’t been updating his account. Up till earlier this month, the 24-year-old had been regularly updating his page, which he started in June.

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Sometimes, he would even post multiple posts per day. And fans’ worries are not unfounded because he is known to be pretty forgetful and has even misplaced his bags – which is one of the reasons he usually carries paper bags around.

What we’re hoping, though, is that he hasn’t decided to delete his account. After all, three years ago, he created an account just before EXO’s new album, only to delete it right before promotions kicked off.

While he used Instagram as a promotional tool for EXO’s comeback during that period, this time round, he uses it as a platform to promote himself, posting photos of him attending fashion shows, uploading his fashion shoots with magazines and even doing Instagram live to connect with fans. Surely he has seen the charms of Instagram, right?

Now give him that Fenty Beauty collab.

PS: Kai’s fans, don’t worry too much because Fenty Beauty has followed EXO’s manager on Twitter – and he followed back! Now let’s sit back and wait for good news.

Image: TPG/Click Photos