Fans of EXOs would well be aware of their reputation as the king of spoilers. From practising new choreography while seated at awards shows, to not-so-subtly dancing in front of fans at concerts during their ments, EXO has done it all.

The nine-member group, who made history yesterday by selling out two shows at the 70,000-seater Jamsil Main Olympic Stadium to wrap up their third tour, EXO Planet #3 – The EXO’rdium, dropped hints about their upcoming comeback, which is slated for the summer.

During the press conference ahead of their second show, one of the members, Baekhyun, said that their title song has been confirmed. He said, “The title song has been decided, and both the members and company are satisfied with how it turned out.”

He also hinted about the concept, “If I were to give a hint, it’s something you say the most when it’s hot. ‘Ah, it’s hot!’ That’s all we can say right now.”

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However, fans claimed that the hint might not be that simple. Baekhyun’s actual words were “더워”, which can be translated into “hot”, but also can be read as the English phrase “the war”.

To date, most of EXO’s title songs have had strong themes, from their descent from Exoplanet in debut song “MAMA” to the latest track, “Monster” – all with an ongoing narrative.

However, “Lucky One”, which was promoted as a double title track with “Monster”, was more upbeat albeit with a dark-themed music video. Hence, we wouldn’t be surprised if EXO could take a summer-themed song and fit it into their ongoing narrative.

During the concert, Baekhyun also gave fans what most people assumed to be a two-second teaser of their new song.

We can’t wait for their comeback! If you want to see them before that, be sure to catch Suho, Sehun and Chanyeol at Skechers’ Sweet Monster K-pop Dance Competition at Causeway Point on June 10, 2017.

Image: TPG/Click Photos