Scandals are hard to forget, especially those involving celebrities. But even more so when Malaysian actor Christopher Lee served time in 2007 for a hit-and-run.

At that time, all eyes were on local actress Fann Wong as the other half of Singapore’s celebrity power couple, but she recently told local TV host Quan Yi Fong that she actually didn’t find it tough, and was so used to having Christopher around that it initially didn’t register on her mind that he was actually away. 

In the latest episode of Yi Fong’s talkshow Hear U Out, 49-year-old Fann admitted that she wasn’t sure how she got through that period because “so many things happened”.

“I just told him to solve this issue and don’t worry about the rest,” she recalled.

When addressing the media’s singular attention on her during that time, Fann said: “I didn’t find it tough. I think [Christopher] had it worse. I just simply threw myself into work, and I remember Christopher telling me to focus on working and not to visit him.”

She recounted an incident on the first day of his jail sentence, when she instinctively called him after work and realised that the line had been disconnected. Fann said: “I forgot [he was in jail].”

The couple were not married at that time.

When asked if she cried back then, Fann replied: “A little. I felt like it was meaningless to cry.”

Yi Fong, 46, pressed on and asked if Fann was concerned about his welfare in prison, whether he was bullied or if he was eating well.

“Yes, definitely. He’s someone who loves to eat,” she laughed.

Fann continued: “[I thought about] whether he was sleeping well, whether he could pull through. And if he did pull through, how was he going to face this?”

While it was a time of uncertainty and worry for the couple because there were so many unknowns, Fann felt that the important thing was to deal with it and accept it.

The couple married in 2009 and remain one of Singapore’s most loving celebrity couples to this day.

Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / June 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Featured image: @fannaiaiwong / Instagram