While K-pop fans are in mourning the death of SHINee’s Jonghyun, some fans have taken it to social media to question why some celebrities were absent from his memorial, which was held from December 19 at Asan Medical Centre.

Korean media outlets had stationed themselves at the memorial during the day to capture footage of celebrities entering and leaving the hall.

And fans seem to be basing the attendees list on media photos, and then calling out celebrities whom they think did not attend. Among those are former Girls’ Generation member Jessica and rapper Zion.T.

Fans left comments on Jessica’s latest photo, which was uploaded four days ago, imploring her to attend the funeral. Prior to leaving the girl group, Jessica was in SM Entertainment, the same agency as Jonghyun.

While Jessica has disabled her comments section on that photo, Zion.T took it to Instagram story to clarify that he had gone for the memorial.

He uploaded a screenshot of a direct message he received, questioning why he did not attend the funeral and why he had followed Key on Instagram late at night. The person even went on to pass a sarcastic remark about how Zion.T had said on television that he and the late Jonghyun were close, adding, “They say you can’t judge what you see on TV. But at least show a good side of yourself outside TV.”

The rapper wrote on the screenshot. “I did go when all the reporters had left. I’m also human, I also feel sad. Who goes there just to be photographed? I’m sad.”

He followed up with another screenshot – though he did not state whether it’s from the same person – that said, “It’s that considered mourning too? It’s a really, really new way.”

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The person added, “When senior artists call you, you pick up selectively and don’t even go to a close friend’s funeral – are you happy to just be on Instagram?”

Zion.T replied the person, “I went late at night. I bumped into Key, so I followed him [on Instagram]. There’s no reason for you to swear at me.”

After the person apologised, the rapper replied, “I’m disappointed…”

He also wrote on the screenshot, “Something is wrong here,” while highlighting the part where the person question how he mourned.

Zion.T had collaborated with Jonghyun on “Déjà-Boo”, a track off Jonghyun’s first mini-album, which was released in 2015.

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Firstly, Zion.T’s point is valid. No one goes to a memorial or funeral for the sake of appearing on the news and letting the world know that they have done their duty as a friend.

Secondly, no one should be questioning celebrities why they couldn’t go. They might have their own schedule; they might be having problems of their own. No one should feel obligated to do something.

Celebrities may live in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean their every action should be nitpicked and criticised. And neither should their actions be controlled by the public.

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