We all know how dedicated K-Pop fans can be, but those from Chinese fansite Warmwind took it to another level yesterday by purchasing a plot of land for EXO’s Sehun, who is celebrating his 23rd birthday today.

The site posted a photo of the certificate of proprietary rights, which indicated that a plot of land in Scotland belonged to “Lord Oh Sehun”.

We’re not sure how much they actually spent on the gift, but a 2014 Herald Scotland article reported that land prices in Scotland range from £750 ($1,312) to £7,300 ($12,777) per acre.

The practice of fans pampering their idols with expensive gifts is pretty common in South Korea. Presents range from laptops and designer suits to even cars. Some fans have even bought advertisement spaces on buses, subway stations and even billboards.


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This has prompted some celebrities such as EXO’s Chen and D.O. to stop accepting fans’ gifts. In December, the latter left a message for fans, stating he would no longer accept gifts from his fans as he feels apologetic that he is unable to use all of them. His problem shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some idols receive a large number of gifts every time they celebrate an occasion.

Throwing away fans’ gifts or giving them away might cause backlash, which was the case with Seventeen’s Mingyu, whose fansite closed down after a fan found out he had been giving away the birthday presents she had been sending him.

In light of this, more fans have decided to show their support through charity donations in their idols’ names instead. For example, a D.O. fansite donated 300 briquettes to celebrate the EXO member’s debut anniversary last week.

Whatever way fans show their love to their idols, we’re sure the celebrities can feel their love.

Image: Sehun’s Instagram