A Korean actress who is currently living in Japan has come forward to claim that she had been sexually assaulted by actor Jo Jae Hyun 16 years ago.

In an interview with Korean news channel SBS, she claimed that when they were filming together, Jae Hyun had brought her to a men’s bathroom that was under repair and sexually assaulted her there.

She said that she went into the bathroom with him because she thought he had wanted to practise acting there, but after they went in, he touched her body. When she screamed, he covered her mouth and sexually assaulted her. After that, he asked, “It was good, right?”

She went on to tell the media outlet that she felt numb after the incident and couldn’t say anything. When she returned to the waiting room and sat on the sofa, Jae Hyun proceeded to lie down and put his head on her lap.

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She claimed the sexual assault didn’t stop there, and he would continue touching her on-set. It got to the point where she didn’t want to be left alone with him, and her coordinator even told him to stop touching the actress. Another actor told her to be careful about her body.


She became depressed and eventually decided to move to Japan.

Jae Hyun’s camp had denied the allegations and claimed that they had consensual sexual intercourse, and that the actress had even invited him over to her house where they were alone. He also claimed that her mother is only doing it for money, and that he had paid her around 70 to 80 million won, but she continued to threaten him.

However, she denied the claims, stating that she was living with her Alzheimer-stricken grandmother, her grandmother’s nurse, a maid and her driver, so it was impossible for her to have done that.

Jae Hyun recently admitted to sexually harassing actress Choi Yul after she came forward in February. He resigned from his teaching position at a university, and was removed from a drama that was airing then, Cross.

If you bear witness to a sexual harassment or assault, alert the police immediately. If you know someone who has been sexually harassed or assaulted and needs help, contact AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre at 6779 0282.

Images: TPG/Click Photos